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My daughter has loved her sessions with Amanda and can’t wait to go for the next one. I think she learnt nearly a whole term worth of maths in just the first lesson! Amanda is very professional and caring with a calm attitude and has a way of explaining maths that just makes sense. It has definitely improved my daughters confidence in maths and I would highly recommend her.


I have just been moved up in to the top set in maths (year 8) and needed help to catch up with some topics. Amanda explained everything really clearly so it was easy for me to understand. If I didn’t get it she would explain it to me another way and she used methods that could be easily remembered. Amanda was kind and patient and I found my lessons very worthwhile.

Elizabeth, 12

I really appreciate all your work and the extra time spent with us trying to make maths bearable, you have helped me so much and I really feel like I have achieved something thanks to you.


I am unable to put into words the extent to which Amanda has helped me. I genuinely believe if it wasn’t for her I would have dropped out of uni a long time ago. She is an excellent communicator, punctual, patient, and understanding. She always turns up with notes, including optional questions for me to try at home; she also offers assistance via email whenever I may need it. I’ve had a handful of academic tutors previously, but I’d rate Amanda as the best without a doubt.

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 Hi, I'm Amanda. I am a fully qualified maths teacher with a first class degree in maths. I have experience of teaching and tutoring from KS2 to first year university level. I am based in Trowbridge where I spend half my time tutoring and the other half creating high quality resources for my students. Click here for more about me.

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Maths is just a language! In his Ted Talk, Randy Palisoc shows how taking a language approach to maths can make learning easier and more intuitive. Here is a quiz for students just starting out with fractions. Have a go and see what you think.

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