About Amanda

maths tutor in Trowbridge, Melksham and Holt - meet AmandaHi, I’m Amanda Bartlett. I’m a teacher, tutor and creator of educational resources and my subject is the best subject in the world – maths! Lots of people struggle with maths from time to time, including me, but there are solutions.

The Maths Bubble Mission

Maths is like a fast-flowing river with stepping stones to help you across. But sometimes the stepping stones seem really far apart. Watching someone leap from stone to stone like a mountain goat, never losing their footing, can be impressive. But sooner or later, for almost everyone, there is going to be a big fat splash.

So what do we do? Just give up? Stay stranded on one side of the river while our goals and ambitions and future careers wave at us from the other?

Of course not. We just have to find a way to move those stepping stones closer together. And that is my mission here at  The Maths Bubble. Through professional, focused tutoring, targeted advice and high-quality resources, I help students work smarter and accelerate towards their goals.

My Qualifications

MSc Mathematical Sciences
BSc Honours in Mathematics (first class)
PGCE Secondary Mathematics
Qualified Teacher Status

My Experience 

I have experience of teaching and tutoring at KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-level and first year university level, both face-to-face and online. I have also taught the maths component of the engineering BTEC and the new post-16 vocational maths qualification, known as Core Maths, as well as tutoring students on the Gateway to Medicine programme at Bristol University. Click here to read testimonials from happy maths students.

I am up to speed on the new 9-1 GCSE and A-level curricula and I am busy creating and collating resources to meet their new demands. I am experienced in using a variety of online and multi-media resources to help my students, including Diagnostic Questions, Tiny Cards, Geogebra, Desmos, Kahoot quizzes and Padlet, among others. Please visit my resources page to see a selection of my own resources or find me on Facebook page where I will be linking to great maths resources on the web.

My Approach to Maths Tutoring

The single biggest problem I see in mathematics learners is lack of confidence. Self-doubt eats up working memory. If your head is full of “I don’t get it” and “Why can’t I do this?” and  “I bet everyone else understands”,  if it is full of “I’m so stupid” and “This is hopeless” and “I might as well give up”,  then there is no room left for equations or pie charts or prime factorisation. Sweaty palms, a heart that’s beating out of your chest and an imaginary anvil suspended over your head are not going to help you learn.

The Maths Bubble is just that – a bubble. A quiet space where you can ask questions without fear of looking stupid, where you can get calm, patient explanations that are  tailored to your strengths and where your teacher has the time to find resources that match your level and your learning style so exactly that maths feels easy again. To find out more, click here for my tutoring page.