Tutoring – Investing in Success

Let’s use maths tuition to move those stepping stones closer together.

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Why Get a Maths Tutor

There are many reasons you might be considering maths tuition. Maybe you’ve been moved up a set and have a list of topics you need to catch up on. Or perhaps you found the jump from primary to secondary maths a little bit tricky. Lots of students do. Or there is one particular topic you just don’t get. Algebra, anyone?

It could be that you’ve just started your GCSEs or your A-levels and you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Perhaps your exams are already looming and you need help with revision. Whatever your story, tutoring can help.

Classroom Teaching Isn’t Always Enough

80 seconds of teacher time – that’s the maximum one-to-one attention a student receives in the average maths lesson. Really? Absolutely – and you can check my sums. There are 30 students in a class – if not more – and a lesson usually last an hour. About 20 minutes are spent on starters, the introduction and packing up. That leaves 40 minutes of bookwork with the teacher circulating. If there is no behaviour to deal with and the teacher divides their time equally, then each student gets one and one third minutes or 80 seconds. Now… hands up if you can tell I’m a maths teacher!

Tutoring Works 

No wonder maths students magically leap forward when they first start seeing a tutor. Now they have a whole hour of teacher time all to themselves. But that is not the only advantage. Private tuition is a quiet space away from the hurly-burly of the classroom, a place where you can ask questions without fear of losing face. Here your teacher can tailor explanations to your particular learning style. They can listen to your ideas and maths hacks and help you decide if they will always work. And they can devise practice questions that meet you where your are now and accelerate you towards your goals and ambitions. Click here to read testimonials from happy maths students or see below for more details on tuition with me.

To arrange tuition

For an informal discussion or to arrange face-to-face or online tuition, please contact Amanda:

Tel: 07765 180948

Or email me on


Monday – Friday 4pm – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday 10am – 9pm


Face-to-Face Tuition

KS2 – £25 per hour

KS3 & GCSE – £30 per hour

A-LEVEL – £35 per hour

Payment can be made by cheque or cash. A discount is available for students in the College Road area of town.

There is no charge for cancellations, but repeated cancellations may result in termination of service.

Online Tuition

Tuition Available via Skype or Face Time

KS2 – £7 per half hour

KS3 & GCSE – £10 per half hour

A-LEVEL – £15 per half hour